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Terms of service


Terms of Service

Subject to change.



Nevology LLC is a website design, Video editing, graphic design, videography and photography company. Nevology services are provided by Nevology LLC. These Terms of Service govern your use of Nevology website and services. Pleaser read them carefully, and contact us if you have any questions. By accessing our website or using our services, you agree to be bound by these Terms and by our Privacy Policy. The nevology website is only available to individuals who are at least 18 years of age or older.

Money Back Guarantee

Nevology, LLC wants you to be 100% satisfied with the work completed by our team. If at some point you determine the quality of work isn't deemed up to your standards, and you've given reasonable response, feedback, suggestion to our design team, we will refund you your full first month payment and only your first month payment. Please keep in mind, if you started month to month or annual contract on a promotion whereas you received discount of cost of services, you will only receive the amount paid for your first month.


Website Design


Website designs can be made using a variety of different host. But the primary web host server used is Nevology in no way is affiliated with and our website designs and customizations our limited to Wix boundaries. However most things, a website needs can be done via wix. Your website can have unlimited pages and unlimited updates. You will have access to make any customizations and additions. Your website can also be connected to your own domain name, but be aware you will have to pay a fee for this premium service, which will be determined by wix, or whichever web host service we use to build and design website. Nevology, LLC is not responsible for the cost to host, or continually host your website before, during, or after final completion of design.

Social Media Accounts

Nevology, LLc will only manage up to 3 accounts, regardless of what plan purchased, unless otherwise specified through a written and signed contract by all involved parties. These accounts can be interchanged between facebook, twitter, linkedin, snapchat, instagram, youtube, excluding TikTok. If account is not already setup and created, we can create and setup account for $150 per account, (please note: account creation fee is non-refundable, regardless of cancellation.) Upon cancellation, all accounts, belongs to the person/business who purchased services.

TikTok can be interchanged with one of the three accounts of any plan, for a monthly upcharge fee of $99 for 2 post per week consisting of original imaging, original video content, and branding unique to that organization, or $139 for 3 post per week consisting of original imaging, original video content, and branding unique to that organization, or $199 for 5 post per week consisting of original imaging, original video content, and branding unique to that organization. We do offer a TikTok only managed account plan, schedule a call for specifics.

Nevology, LLC do not engage or participate in direct messaging, private messaging, or response commenting under any post we make to any organizations account from a consumer, or outside account, unless a written contract signed and agreed upon by both parties has been signed.

We will post unique, branded content up to the maximum of the plan chosen by the organization, no less or more. Each design and post will be unique and tailored to your organizations vision, color scheme, and suggestions. If the social media outlet has a "story" post option, we can post a replica of the original content posted to organization page to their "story" wall as well formatted to the resolution output size. 


Reels are only included in our "Scale" plan. Reels posted to an organization account will count towards one of the allotted post based on plan selected. Reels will be a video consisting of original imaging, original video content, and branding unique to that organization, runtime no less than 45 seconds long, no longer than 60 seconds long.

An organization can still post their own content to their page as they own the page, however Nevology, LLC will post at its own discretion, original content to an organization social media account with respect to the organization brand, unique vision, and color scheme. Nevology, LLC welcomes feedback, suggestions, and comment of content posted in a professional manner. If for any reason, communication cannot be professional, Nevology, LLC reserves the right to cancel services at any moment, without notice.

Daily Email Campaign

Nevology, LLC will only service our daily email campaign feature to ACTIVE month to month or annual "Scale" plan subscribers. One email campaign will be made once a week to be sent out on the same day each week decided by organization. If there are 5 or more weeks in a month, only 4 email campaigns will be sent that month. Nevology, LLC is not responsible for capturing emails to be used in the Daily Email Campaign, organization must provide Nevology, LLC with emails to be used in campaign. All details and specific that an organization would like listed in a email campaign needs to be submitted to an organization dedicated social media manager no later than 24 hrs before publication date, otherwise Nevology, LLC will design email campaign at its own discretion with respect to an organization unique vision, color schemes, and branding.

Professional Photographer/Videographer

Please note that Nevology, LLC does not offer this service in all location, please check with Nevology, LLC before purchasing specifically for photography/videography content. However, for plans purchased where service is not offered, organization will receive 25% off per month upon request.

Nevology, LLC will send a photographer/Videographer to location of service address listed on organization's account monthly to obtain fresh and unique content to be used in creating original content for the organization social media account. Pictures and videos taken will be the property of the organization content was captured for, however Nevology, LLC will use photos at it's own discretion strictly to create original content for clients while organization is still on an ACTIVE plan from Nevology, LLC. Upon cancellation of services, an organization will have 30 days from the fulfillment of cancellation request to download all files from shared drive, upon 31 days all files will be deleted and Nevology, LLC will have no access to retrieve or send files.

Photographer/Videographer will fulfill the 1hr requirement of shooting time each month. However this time can be broken up into 30min segments. For instance, a photographer could come on his regular scheduled day for 30 minutes and then come another day, same month, for a special event or promotion. This is solely at the discretion of both the photographer/videographer and the organization. Our Photographer/Videographer have freedom to build their own schedules, however they must take into account and consider in their schedules any timely request made by an organization for a specific time/day. Photographer/Videographer are required to come only during listed business hours on the organization's account, any time needed outside of regular business hours must be agreed upon with photographer/videographer and a written agreement must be on file.

Photographers/Videographers will capture pictures and/or videos at their own discretion, unless request our made directly from the organizations. Photographers/Videographer will only capture content that is directly related to an organization and its products. Photographer/Videographer will not honor request to take personal photos and/or video, family photos and/or video, holiday photos and/or video, shoot personal music videos, capture personal vlog, weddings (unless business of organization, and in case only b roll footage, behind the scenes will be captured), personal events, etc. Feel free, however to contact our photographer/videographer and schedule with them outside of business hours for personal request, these request will be in no way, shape or form, be tied to Nevology, LLC, and both parties must sign a liability waiver.





There are no contract commitments, you can cancel at any time. To cancel, please let your project manager know before your next billing date either via phone, or email. Cancellation request made will not include a refund or pro-rated refund of any kind, however you will no longer incur any additional charges in the future. 


Canceling any subscription package will, in most cases, deactivate your website, and all associated website files will also be deleted from our database. In some cases, depending on the Host Server used to create your website, such as, we will be able to transfer your website to your own profile created on their website and allow you to continue to manage your website site on your own. However, to transfer site there will be a $75 charge incurred to offset cost to ship you a copy of all website files on a usb. 


Note: any organization can have their websites files shipped to them for a $75 fee upon cancellation, this add-on is optional, however if not chosen, all files will be deleted from our database upon completion of cancellation request.


You agree and completely understand that all fees, subscription, and sales are final and will not be refunded. If you have concerns with services rendered, you agree to communicate with our team and allow us the opportunity to make good on any issues, complaints, or wrongdoings. You also understand that some technical issues our non foreseeable and can not be avoided such as, malware, website down time, technical malfunction, etc. Issues such as these do not warrant any type of refund.

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